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Company Brief

Since 2005, we have been working in the industry with utmost dedication and responsibility to bring the best quality timber for commercial and household applications. With our highly experienced team of managers and employees, we make sure that we are providing utmost satisfaction to clients with our products and fulfilling their diverse requirements.

With our futuristic vision and solid business ethics, we have made a huge growth in the market for wood and hence we are considered one of the leading suppliers of Teak wood, Teak Wood Logs in Indian Market. 

Our Values

"Influenced by past, focus on the present and to shape the future", this is the core value of our company. Further, we keep customer needs at topmost priority.

Our Team

We are a big family which includes several managers, engineers, quality analysts, and employees. With hard work, dedication and team strength, we are expanding our company and achieving a new level of success.

Teak Application & Uses

Teak is one of the dense and highly durable hardwoods and impervious to splitting or buckling. These facts make it suitable for outdoor applications. This wood can be stable for centuries and hence widely used in making furniture and in flooring/decking. Its termite proof nature makes it perfect for various applications. With easy machine-ability, high strength, and longevity, this wood is considered best replacement of steel in several areas and hence it is widely used for commercial or industrial purposes. The application of teak, Teak Wood Logs can be seen in ships or in houses to decorate the interior with teak wood furniture, flooring, staircase and walls. 

Teak Import

We import finest quality teak wood logs and teak wood timber which is directly procured from world's top timber forests. We keep utmost focus on the quality and ensure that the product we import surpassed clients expectations. 

Tectona Grandis (teak) is considered as a premier hardwood timber because of its durability, color, fine grains. Naturally, these trees are widely available in India, Myanmar, and Thailand. These also have been introduced in Indonesia around 400 to 600 years ago. In the current era, these trees can be found in Asia as well as in Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and some islands of Pacific regions. Here are the top countries that produce teak timber:

  • Cte d'Ivoire
  • Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone
  • The United Republic of Tanzania and Togo
  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador

  • El Salvador
  • Panama
  • Trinidad
  • Tobago
  • Venezuela
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Fiji & Solomon Island

Although Teak Wood Logs, Lightweight Furniture Plywood are produced and harvested from native forests throughout the world, still India and Myanmar are the major contributors in this field.